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Improve the support for WCAG and accessibility on web content


We are seeing issues with the webcontent complying with the WCAG standards.

See for instance the WCAG standard regarding validation of web pages, thus including HTML.

When we are trying to fix the code, on certain confirmation pages <html lang="sv"> is removed and replaced by <html>
<!DOCTYPE html> is also removed
<style> tags has type="text/css" added

On the vast majority of subscription management pages and forms the structure of the generated page is not good.
As an example, the custom js/css that we write in the code editor is inserted AFTER the head tag, not in it which would be the desired and expected behaviour of a normal html page.
A lot of tags contain old properties or custom properties (which I assume Click uses), however, these generally can create problems.
A lot of tags contain attributes that are not valid, see script tags and style tags.

A lot of these problems create problems with the html and styles that we implement for the pages.

This leads to issues with the guidelines regarding accessibility, WCAG.

It would be great if there were more possibilities to fix these problem as a developer. (And maybe also change the structure as mentioned above)

Best regards,


  • Carl Johansson
  • Aug 4 2022
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