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Connect Subscription Lists with Form Capture

We would like to create a generic Subscription Management Page on our website, where people can sign up for subscription topics and at the same time provide their opt-in for future (email) marketing.

We would like to create this generic page directly on our website within our Content Management System. And for corporate design reasons we would prefer to create our "own" form and to connect it to ClickDimensions via a Form Capture (which we use a lot anyway for campaign-related forms).

So here's our future feature request: instead of linking Form Capture Fields to a Form Capture, it would be great if we could directly link Subscription Lists to a Form Capture, so that it instantly creates Posted Preference records for every Posted Form of the Form Capture. These Posted Preference records should automatically either be linked to an identified contact (=known email address) or to the new-created lead.

Such created a set of Posted Preference records for a contact (In / Out for all available subscription lists), should later also be displayed if a contact or lead accesses the Subscription Preference Management Page from an Unsubscribe link in a personal email, just as this person would if they've provided preferences via the email unsubscribe link before.

Does anyone has the same issue at the moment?



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  • Jul 28 2020
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  • Mary O'Sullivan commented
    4 Oct, 2022 11:14am

    Hi Christian,

    We have enhanced our Form Capture feature to support the use of Subscription Lists, in Release version 12.9. Now when you associate a Subscription List in the Mapping section for Checkbox and Radio Button Form Fields then using them as Form Capture Fields, it will allow you to record opt-in or opt-out Posted Preferences for the Subscription List when a Lead or Contact submits the form.

    Thank you

    Click Product Team

  • Marcus Naylor commented
    11 Jun, 2021 12:04pm

    +1 for this. There is another idea posted where I've asked to be able to create posted preferences programatically - a VERY common use case is to get consent from a third party site (say EvenBrite or Zoom) and ask if they would like to be subscribed to receive marketing, at the moment we can capture the response - but there is no way to translate that into a subscription opt-in other than by an import - this is not user friendly and difficult to explain to clients.

  • Carl Johansson commented
    16 Apr, 2021 11:08am

    This would really be a great feature!

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