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Campaign Automation Dynamic List

Need to be able to use Dynamic Marketing list in a campaign automation. Using a static list completely defeats the purpose of using campaign automation

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  • Jul 28 2020
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  • Mary O'Sullivan commented
    6 Jun, 2023 10:12am

    We’ve added the ability to create a Dynamic Segment in our Release Version 2023.04. You will find step by step instructions on how to create a Segment here, and how to use the Added to Segment within Campaign Automation here.


    ClickDimensions Product Team

  • Marjolein Tetteroo commented
    12 Jan, 2023 11:31am

    Is there any sight on when this will go live?

  • Nathan Betters commented
    31 Oct, 2022 10:24pm

    I agree with the below, this is a product miss, and its been planned since 2020? I even though of using campaign automation to create workflows to add peole to static list automatically however you cant make if/then statements.

  • Marjolein Tetteroo commented
    7 Jun, 2022 12:39pm

    I really need this to work asap.

    We're importing leads from LinkedIn automatically with campaigns. I want to be able to send an autmation with "thanks for your request, we're working on it and will be contacting you shortly".

    I'm adding leads to the Dynamic Marketing list by filtering on Linkedin Source campaign as a dynamic list, but this obviously this is a Dynamic List and not a static one.

    Now CD is quite useless as a marketing automation tool for these purposes.

  • Christy Rowley commented
    26 Apr, 2022 08:33pm

    We are currently using a Dynamics Workflow as a work around - when contact meets x criteria, add them to this static marketing list. The filter is essentially in the workflow instead of the list. This really only works for things you can set and forget which is the case for our marketing opt-in campaigns for new customers.

  • Guest commented
    3 Dec, 2021 08:38am


    This is for us an absolute must in the Campaign Automation.
    We have a Contactpersons list of around 15.000 people, we send 5/6 times a year a "newsletter" to all of them where they can interact on (clicks on links for information, request for samples etc). Next to that we also have accountmanagers (owners of the account/contactpersons) who also work with differtent contactpersons lists.

    This list changes almost every day (new customers coming in, or resigning), when we send our newsletter and 3 days later some new contactpersons are being added to the system by anywho in our company, they will not receive the newsletter on a static list, but they do receive it on a dynamic list.

    It's a lot of more work to manually (almost daily) update the lists again instead of an automatic dynamic list, if we forget to update the lists then we have a lot of customers who don't receive our Campaign Automation actions and have to make the list again.

    Can you please add this function in your system? Thank you in advance!

  • Linda Schürmann commented
    11 Oct, 2021 01:32pm

    Hi Craig

    I totally agree with you on this request. I mentioned it already several times to the support as well as to the product manager. Otherwise campaign automations are useless. I hope they will soon add these feature to ClickDimensions!

  • Craig Baker commented
    21 Jun, 2021 11:39pm

    and I hear the question: "What would you do with someone who left the campaign and then because the dynamic search excluded them.... but then they are added again to the list later (same day, next day etc.) ?" I would answer once excluded from the automation - then they can no longer re-enter the automation. Would others agree?

  • Craig Baker commented
    21 Jun, 2021 11:26pm

    Just to give a little more detail to this requirement. There are many cases that an automation is in place to achieve an outcome. This outcome is often something that could exclude (remove) a lead or contact from a dynamic list. In practice, when the campaign automation has achieved the desired result then the participant would be removed from the automation.

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