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Social - User Roles/Priviledges

We have created a team for admins. Then there is a team for different countries. I would like that that a specific country can see campaigns from the admin team, its own campaigns and its Native Posts. Where can I set this. Unfortunately, so far a country can only see everything or only the campaigns that select individually. However, I would like the team that is assigned to a profile can also see everything for this profile. And at the moment all the native posts end up in one shared campaign called “2023-02 native posts”, which is not optimal from a follow-up or overview perspective. Is there any way to customize this?

The ideal would be that the native posts were showing in the specific campaign they belong to and they post with certain hashtags on the native app, this would then show in the same campaign as all organic posts for the campaign – is that possible? Then they would get a full overview and follow up on the success of the campaign.

If not we’d like the native posts to be connected to the social profile that has created them e.g. 2023-02 French native posts” – is this possible?

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  • Feb 28 2023
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