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Increase Supported FreeMarker Depth Level


I have read several posts in the forum, support site, blog section, etc. related to ClickDimensions only supporting one level deep when using FreeMarker to pull dynamic data.  However, I have not seen any actual Feature Requests asking to implement the ability to support going two levels deep.  Please consider this a Feature Request to do so.

Due to the structure of our CRM, we have a STRONG need to pull dynamic data that is two levels deep.  Having this functionality would allow us to dynamically send emails on behalf of different people within our organization (by using FreeMarker in the From Name and From Email fields of an Email Send), and include the sender's pertinent contact info (e.g., phone, email, etc.) in the body of the email.  In our CRM, the Contact is associated to an Organization (parentcustomerid), and that Organization record in turn has "key internal contacts" associated to it (e.g., Salesperson, Underwriter, Risk Contact, etc.) - which are actually stored as System Users.

A couple examples of the FreeMarker strings we would like to use are as follows:

  • From Email: ${[0]!""}
  • Salesperson Full Name: ${[0]!""}
  • Salesperson Mobile Number: ${[0]!""}
  • Salesperson Email: ${[0]!""}

Many thanks!

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  • Jul 28 2020
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