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ClickDimensions Data Security by BU

For a lot of our customers, security is key.

They mostly want to use ClickDimensions in a single instance of Dynamics CRM, but shared by multiple Business Units who should not share any data (customers, transactional, marketing...).

By default, most CD data (email sent, etc.) belongs to the System Administor who installed the solution.

In our case, we need that data to belong to Business Unit's default teams.

As of now we use plugins to assign such data to the correct BU (for example, Marketing Campaign A belongs to the X Business Unit, so any associated Marketing acitivites: email sent, etc. is assigned to the same owner as the Marketing Campaign).

It would be great if ClickDimensions could handle such requirements natively, in order to better address security requirements of bigger customers.

Could that be considered on the roadmap?

Do not hesite to get in touch with our team in order to better understand our client's requirements and what we did to implement them.

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  • Jul 28 2020
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  • Barry Pyle commented
    18 Dec, 2023 09:51pm

    We also have the same requirement for system generated records such as form, subscription and survey submissions and new contact records to have the same Owning Business Unit as the originating form/subscription page/survey. There is currently no way to determine which business unit the new record will belong to.

    This could also be used to filter for exisitng contacts when a new form is submitted. ClickD will look for a contact with a matching email address and choose the first record to link to the form submission. This is often not the correct contact record.

    Our duplication rules allow two contact records to have the same email address so long as they are owned by different business units. This often causes a problem when a person signs up to be a contact under a second or third business unit where an existing contact record (in a different business unit) is selected and added to the submission record.

  • Mark Westerman commented
    14 Sep, 2023 05:23am

    I have encountered another issue that is related to BU security.

    A user is in a BU which restricts the Contacts they can see by owner and they create a dynamics marketing list. They will see only the contacts in the marketing list that security allows them to see even though the filter actually returns more contacts.

    When they use that marketing list to send an email, the email will be sent to every contact based on the filter which can be more contacts that the logged in user can see.

  • Mark Westerman commented
    13 Feb, 2023 11:14pm

    We have the same problem. Certain bulk emails that we send are confidential so shouldn't be seen by every user. At the moment the owner of Sent emails is the ClickDimensions service account so we need to change the owner of all of these records after they have been created. It would be much better if the owner of the Sent Email could cascade from the Email Send record.

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