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Leaner managed solution for CRM 2016

When you import the ClickDimensions solution you have to be very carefull about backing up your customization on entities like Account, Contact, and a few other standard entities before importing the ClickDimensions solution.

The mangaged solution from ClickDimensions will most likely screw up your customizations because all assets of the standard entities are included in solution. This also makes automatic updates impossible if you care about making sure that the customizations you made to the customers CRM system is not messed up by ClickDimensions.

With CRM 2016 we now have the option to only include the assets that are relevant to a solution. I find it quite sloppy that ClickDimensions are not making use of this great new feature. You should make sure that you only include the assets that you want to customize in your managed solution and respect that partners will most likely have made customizations that we don't want you to overwrite.

Please make sure that you have a minimal footprint on the standard entities when we import your solution.

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  • Jul 28 2020
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