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Automatic Solution Update Improvement

Automated solution updates are a great feature. Unfortunately, as it stands, they don't work - not when following best practice anyway.

When it comes to security, best practice is to build security roles to include ONLY the privileges which are required of the tasks being carried out. This is relevant for 'normal' users (humans actively working within the system) as well as service users (non-human accounts working within the system).

From the ClickDimensions webpages (, the 'purpose' of the 'ClickDimensions Service' security role is as follows:

"This role should be assigned to the ClickDimensions Service User if you do not wish to use the CRM System Administrator role. This role provides full access to ClickDimensions functionality, so it can also be assigned to ClickDimensions power users."

The 'ClickDimensions Service' security role is currently not fulfilling it's purpose - the automated solution updates do not work when only this (or in combination with any other ClickDimensions security roles) is applied to the service user.

Updating the 'ClickDimensions Service' security role to ensure it contains all the privileges it needs to fully fulfil it's purpose would bring the following benefits:

  • Save customers time by being able to activate the automated solution update feature

    • Manually updating multiple environments is time-consuming

  • Enable customers to be fully security-compliant while accessing all ClickDimensions features

    • Using the System Administrator role for service accounts is not best practice

  • Could reduce burden on ClickDimensions support

    • The more customers that use the automated update feature, the more are therefore on the same version of ClickDimensions, leading to fewer and more manageable support requests

  • Could improve adoption of other ClickDimensions features

    • If customers are on the latest version, there's one less barrier to using new features

Overall, ensuring the 'ClickDimensions Service' security role has all the privileges it needs to fully fulfil its purpose, especially being able to run the automated update feature, would bring some amazing benefits for both customers and ClickDimensions.

Hope this idea receives support and is implemented soon.

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  • Jan 16 2023
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