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Feature Update - Deactivate Button in email sends MUST be made unoperational

Hi CD Support Team,

As you might be knowing that a "Deactivate" button is present in the email sends page. Unfortunately, due to the mistaken identity/confused labelling of the button, we sent out an email campaign to ~800 leads and contact on 18 march. As the name suggest "DEACTIVATE", we tried to deactivate the email send as there were some changes had to be made in the email template. Instead it ended up in deploying the work-in-progress email template to our prospects and clients. My whole point of narrating this unfortunate event is that we being users tend to get confused and misguided by this button.. Like you have fields such as “Delete”, “Send” and “Clone” which goes by their literal meaning, from a user interface point of view, a deactivate should mean deactivating a particular email send template and not the opposite happening.

We would like you to rectify this identity crisis by adopting one of the following methods:

> You can remove the button, if not you can at least rename it to  some thing relevant and more descriptive of what it does (it actually sends the email). Subsequently, you can rewrite the definition of the button in the pop-up description box

>  You can also fix this issue by removing the underlying workflow for the button. So that even if someone accidentally clicks on the button, it do not send out the emails. We want it to be NON-OPERATIONAL

We expect you to take some concrete step to correct this and also look forward to your response.

Feel free to reach out to me for further discussion on this.



Marketing Team, Integreon



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  • Jul 28 2020
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