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Resend to non-openers

I've recently moved to Click Dimensions from another email service provider and one feature I am really missing is the ability to quickly resend an email to non-openers.

I know this issue has been raised previously - - where the solution that was given was to implement via automation but this approach is more time consuming than it is in other email platforms where you can just click one button and then specify how many days you want to wait and then it is sorted and you don't have to worry about it again. Instead of taking under 10 seconds it is a 5 minute plus job to set this up via automation and you also have to go through and delete programmes periodically just to keep things organised and tidy as we usually put a resend to non-openers on the majority of manual emails we send out.

Having this prompt/ option to resend as part of the original email send process also acts as a helpful reminder that you may want to resend to non-openers.

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  • Jul 28 2020
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  • Christy Rowley commented
    27 Apr, 2022 12:58pm

    This would be incredibly helpful, especially since we have to do a resends in multiple languages. We have a newsletter that has roughly 50 sends based on the different customer service email boxes it is sent from/language combos and it is a huge lift to resend to those that didn't open it.

  • Guest commented
    18 Jan, 2022 09:39am

    Hi is there a way to do this now? Mailchimp has a great feature to do thsi quickly this seems so cumbersome and time consuming - Please ClickD can you add this feature !

  • Guest commented
    11 Feb, 2021 10:29pm

    I agree. In other email automation programs when you set up your email, there is an option that allows you to select send to non-openers in 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 days automatically.

    Having to go in and do an Advanced Find is time consuming and cumbersome.

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