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Filter out possible Phantom / Spam Clicks from Click Email Events

Are Click Dimensions planning anything to help prevent the logging of phantom clicks on e-shots? We frequently see reports of recipients who have apparently clicked every single link in our e-shots, we know this is highly unlikely and that instead these are phantom clicks created by the recipient's spam filter virtually checking each link is safe for the recipient.

One idea I had would be to add an 'invisible' link to the e-shot, one that is highly unlikely to be clicked by a human reader, but would still be picked up and checked by the spam filter bot.
We could then filter out the recipients who had clicked-through to that invisible link on our click report.

This would be a manual process though, and isn't ideal. Can Click Dimensions work on a way to identify these 'phantom clicks' better, and maybe flag them as possible spam clicks?

  • Michelle Moore
  • Nov 3 2021
  • Planned
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  • Michelle Moore commented
    20 Jul, 2022 12:23pm

    As a work-around while we wait for Click Dimensions to implement this feature, we have added a small 1 pixel transparent image to our email template which links to a landing page with just some basic company info on it. It's nearly impossible that any click to that landing page would be made by a human, so we can now assume that anyone who has clicked that link actually hasn't and it was instead their email spam filter 'checking' the links.

    It's a bit of a manual task but if they have clicked that link then any other links they have recorded on that Email Send are going to be pretty unreliable and should be ranked as less reliable.

    It would be fairly simple for Click Dimensions to implement something similar and grade the Email Event clicks accordingly.

  • Kevin Beale commented
    4 Nov, 2021 01:38pm

    Love this idea of filtering them out - this is needed. Pardot can filter out IP ranges and has pre-built ranges for some of the well known phantom click sources, but it's been falling apart lately with some of the newer platforms/mechanisms in play. ClickDimensions has the filter functionality for web visits, but to my knowledge does not work with email clicks at all.