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Feature Request: Use Marketing List based on Accounts in Campaign Automation

Here's what I am trying to do:

Execute a "Campaign Automation" email marketing campaign to Accounts that are "Prospects", and not been a subject to a previous campaign within the last year.

In theory, what I would do is create a "dynamic" Marketing List from Accounts selecting the appropriate records, with the added benefit that as new prospects (Accounts) were added, and others turned into customers, the list would stay "current".

Whilst I almost get the internal technical challenge of managing the Campaign Automation on a dynamic list, what I don't get is why, even when I can create a "static" Marketing List from Accounts, I can't select/use it in Campaign Automation.

According to Support, I should be building Marketing Lists over either Leads or Contacts. 

Well that suggestion comes with a couple of problems: 1. Prospects aren't Leads yet, so that's out, and 2. Contacts doesn't give me access to the Accounts: Relationship Type field i.e. = "Prospect".

Further, the "advice" from Support is inconsistent with similar ClickDimensions functionality, i.e. "Email Sends" uses a Marketing List based on Accounts, "Nurture Program" uses a Marketing List based on Accounts, so what is so different about "Campaign Automation" that it can't?

Surely not being able to use a Marketing List based on Accounts in Campaign Automation is an design/programming oversight.

Please, Please update the Marketing List selection criterion in "Campaign Automation" to be consistent with the rest of similar ClickDimensions functionality and be able to send Emails via Campaign Automation to a Marketing List based on Accounts.

Thank you for your consideration.


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  • Jul 28 2020
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  • Mary O'Sullivan commented
    12 Jun, 2023 12:12pm

    Hi Gary,

    We’ve added the ability to create a Dynamic Segment in our Release Version 2023.04. You will find the step by step instructions on how to create a Segment here, and how to use the Added to Segment within Campaign Automation here. You can now create a Segment for Contact, Lead or Account, this new feature it should address this use case.

    ClickDimensions Product Team

  • Esther Goodell commented
    19 Aug, 2020 04:20pm

    This function would be EXTREMELY helpful. Most of the important information that needs to be addressed lives on the account entity and being able to simply send one email to the account's email rather than sending it to a contact who may be linked with multiple accounts. Since many of our contacts ARE linked with multiple accounts using personalization fields in emails and such is almost impossible when sending from the contact level.

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