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Add support for contact/lead matching not only by email (for contacts with the same email address).

Part of the contacts in our CRM have the same email address (like partners in the same company with the same email address or some employees from the same company).

If I am using CD "form capture" or "form page", when someone posts a form (with the email address that exists elsewhere with another contact in my CRM), CD will link automatically the posted form with the first contact (which is not always the same contact that filled this form).

It would be great if you would have an option in the form builder to choose the fields and the rules CD will use to identify the contact/lead.

E.g. In the form builder, I will have an option to choose these fields:

1. Email (must match)

2. First name (must match)

3. Cell phone number (optional match)

In this case if I have two contacts with the same email address, CD will do the following:

a. Find all the records with the same email address and the same first name.

b. If there is only one result – we will link the posted form to this record.

c. If there are two contacts with the same email address and the same first name – CD will check for the cell phone number and update only the contact that have this phone number.

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  • Jul 28 2020
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  • Mary O'Sullivan commented
    16 Sep, 2022 01:08pm

    Hi Lior

    We have rolled out a new Form Matching Rules feature, in Release version 12.7. You can now define what Form submission data should be used to match existing Contact or Lead records. This feature needs to be enabled via a Feature Flag. Please contact our CSM or Support team to enable it for your account. Further information can be found here

    Thank you

    Click Product Team

  • Carl Johansson commented
    11 Jan, 2021 07:53am


    I saw that this has changed status to "Planned", which is great! When a status changes to planned, how long does it usually take for it to be implemented?

  • Noam Mahler commented
    23 Aug, 2020 10:14am

    We will try to include this feature in our roadmap for forms

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