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Identify all leads/ contacts with the same email/ phone number when a response is received

After contacting CD regarding an sms sent from a lead and the reply being associated to a contact I received the following response.

"In an instance where our solution is using either the Phone Number or Email Address as the unique identifier, it is essentially going to be random which lead/contact record we associate to. There is no way to change this behavior, and our position is that the solution was designed around the CRM principal that a lead/contact in CRM is a unique individual. We understand that this is not always the case, but currently this is how the solution functions."

Firstly, a lead and a contact is not mutually exclusive. I can have an existing contact who has made enquiries on two or more of our products. This means that contact would have multiple leads associated with his/ her record. Furthermore, these lead and contact records will have the same email and phone number because they are the same person but exist as separate records in our system. Each lead may be contacted in a different way and by different teams depending on the product and the contact who is likely an existing customer or past customer will be dealt with by another completely different team.

Click Dimension are clearly aware that the simplified model they work on does not actually work in the real world and as such it would be good to see their product develop and support the more complex environment we actually work from. It is concerning that the company has actually advised that the connection (in this instance a reply sms) will be "random". If Click Dimensions insists on keeping matching to one field (eg. telephone number or email) I don't particularly expect the system to know who to connect to, but I do expect there to be a process where we can see the possible matches and human intervention can select the correct option.

  • Maya De Nardi
  • Aug 31 2020
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